ProExtender review and test 2019

Is your self-confidence and self-esteem reliant to your performance in bed? Does it make you feel less like a man when you don’t seem to satisfy any woman because you have a smaller penis? ProExtender combines all the breakthrough discoveries when it comes to the latest sexual enhancement technologies that would ensure the best results.

ProExtender System consists of four components:

  1. 1) penis enlargement device
  2. 2) penis enhancement pills
  3. 3) volume increasing pills
  4. 4) penis enlargement exercise CD

The penis enlargement device is used to expand and multiply cells in the penile tissues in a harmful and painless way. The exercise CD provided shows some steps on how to use the device and other exercises on how to enlarge your penis and also on how to improve your sexual help.

The pills, as labeled, increases male sexual stamina and performance, and increases semen volume. The ProExtender System also helps in treating Peyronie’s disease, or a crooked penis.

This technology has been studied by Jorn Ege Siana, MD who made a study on the “Tractive Elongation of the Penis by Means of Stretching” and basing this study on how tribal and ancient people make use of traction as a means of enlarging and elongating body parts.

While others are very disappointed with the product, but ProExtender isn’t a one-day, one-time miracle or solution. It would take some time for the effects to show, but the guarantee is that it doesn’t have any side effects and other complications. So long as you have the determination to keep up and follow the system, you’ll see better results in time.

So if you feel the need to boost your confidence that comes with your sexual performance, ProExtender is a highly recommended product. You’ll see results within six months – in girth, length, and stamina. Don’t think about the product being expensive. Think of it as an “investment” and for sure you’ll know that it is all worth it.

Never feel small and weak anymore! Feel bigger, better and you’ll experience great sexual pleasure with the results that ProExtender brings. You can buy ProExtender in most stores that sell adult toys, I found mine in a store that sells adult toys in plano.

There Are a Number of Herbs That Can Help Solve Premature Ejaculation

Rapid ejaculation or PE has become daunting male since the introduction of his formation. It happens if the guy ejaculations in seconds of penetration, hence not being able to meet his companion. It is a ailment that lots of adult males wouldn’t like to say that to, but it really influences one in several men. Luckily, there are numerous of natural herbs that will help remedy this challenge.

The condition of Uncontrolled climaxes is incredibly distressing to each partner, which enable it to increase the risk for separation of might associations and a marriage. Extremely common with gentlemen for their beginning of sexual practice or with more mature men who are not promiscuous person of late.

There are many of pure, natural, and scientific treatments, all with their worth and complications. Herbal products are one of the most dependable that don’t have any really serious unwanted side effects as a result of pharmaceutical drug capsules. The majority of the normal and herbal products can be had from spot shops, causing them to be simpler to use and less harmful.

Almond exploit is definitely an good strength increaser. It may be ordered out of the box, or can be created at your home by blending together several walnuts with a few milk products. It’s really a great complement to counteract uncontrolled climaxes.

Samm al ferakh has been used for thousands of years to increase males strength. In addition, it increases the sex drive and strength. Mankind has worn the extender for an aphrodisiac but it increases the sperm fertility. The Indian name is Ashwagandha.

Saleb is the one other natural herb that will increase circulation for the male member. This plant provides the system an enjoyable experiencing and a lot more staying power. It is actually traditionally used in all of the organic style pills.

Receiving the suitable solution to fix this condition is critical. The things that work a single circumstance won’t work with a different. It is important will be to retain trying rather than stop trying.


Hydromax pump, Man’s Best Friend When it Comes To Penis Size

Many men usually fear having to seem as small or insignificant in both their peers and to the women they are with. However with pills just not working, hydromax pump has come in to help men ensuring that they not only get a bigger penis but a bigger ego and better self esteem.

How it works

Working of the hydromax pump is quite easy. Begin sliding the latch into the central position which is the open position. Push it downwards moving the latch to the central position. Secondly choose the correct comfort pad, aligning with the markings. Before use, warm yourself up to ensure there is sufficient circulation of blood. Fill the hydromax pump with water and insert your penis into it, pulling the pump to your body ensuring there is a tight seal. Start pumping to create suction and then gently start expelling the water. You will start feeling your penis being sucked deeper into the pump. Ensure you re-pump to maintain the needed pressure to generate suction. Do this daily for 15 minutes.


The most common advantage of using hydromax pump is that you will get to see an enlargement in penis length and girth. Another advantage seen is that in matters of sex it significantly optimizes your sexual health making you good to go. When it comes to having sex, you are guaranteed of having harder and stronger erections that will not only make you happy but also your partner. On the other hand it is safe to use. Since it has been build in such a way that you can release pressure while in use, the chances of you feeling pain or damaging your penis is eliminated.


When you start using hydromax pump, you are bound to feel a little dizzy; this is usually due to the rush of blood into your penis. To avoid this sitting down for a while after use is recommended.

With the only con coming from the fact that the body hasn’t adjusted to the hydromax pump, it is safe to say that anyone in need should definitely get themselves hydromax pump.

How I got to using Phallosan

Every man who has had the same problem will be able to tell you, growing up with a small penis is not a walk in the park. I know this from personal experience as I have my whole life been the one in the room/shower/changing room with the smallest penis. I still vividly remember the first time we undressed in the locker when we were kids. It was the first time that I was faced with this knowledge – my penis is smaller than the penises of other boys. And it remained this way all through high school and college. But I never let that bring me down. Okay, so what. At least I was not an idiot who doesn’t know how to spell and who will never get a decent education, let alone a job.

However, as I started dating, it started to bother me again. You do not know how much this can bother you until you start having sex with women. It is only when you see that look of slight disappointment in their eyes that you realize this is something that will never go away. They know a below-average penis when they see one and there is nothing you can do about it. Or at least that is what I thought.

When I was in college, one of my best friends, over a very nice bottle of bourbon, told me that he has been using this device that makes his penis bigger. I will not share the name of this device with you, as I have not been entirely satisfied with it and I wouldn’t want people to think I am trashing someone’s product. If I had managed to wear it for as long as they recommend and hadn’t gotten the results, I would have complained and included the name of the device. However, I simply found it too uncomfortable when I started using it myself and I couldn’t make it past a month, let alone half a year. That guy who recommended it to me, he loved it. It really helped him.

I, on the other hand, was devastated. There was this device that could make my penis bigger and I couldn’t use it. It was really uncomfortable and everyone could see I was wearing something underneath. I was even thinking about surgery, but luckily I was not that dumb to actually go with it and get my penis sliced and diced in order to get half an inch. Instead of that, I went online and told myself I wouldn’t stop till I find something more suitable for me. I visited innumerable forums, scoured tons of websites and then I found Phallosan.

It appealed to me at once as it didn’t use those rings and rods that stretch your penis. Instead, it used something like a condom that you putt over your penis, make a vacuum and then your penis gets stretched in its little sleeve that is attached to your hip. This meant that it will not be bulging and that no one will notice it. I ordered Phallosan straight away and I couldn’t wait to start using it.

It was just as comfortable as they said it would be and it was absolutely inconspicuous. The results were also there, amazing results. I gained more than two inches in the first year and a half. I was really religious about my Phallosan and I wore it all the time. I even got an increase in the thickness of my penis which was just an added bonus. To this day, I have been telling people my story (those people who wish to hear it) and I can truly and wholeheartedly recommend Phallosan.


ExtenZe Male Enlargement Pills Review

Effectiveness: 95%
Price: (1 Month Supply): $59.95
Guarantee: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Review:  As Seen On TV this Penis Enlargement Pill packs a very powerful punch.  ExtenZe is one of the newest penis enlargement products to hit the market and has proven to have a very high success rate of 95%. It is affordable, effective, and has no reported side effects to date. When taking this male enhancement pill you can expect to enlarge the penis up to 30% in length and girth as well achieve bigger, harder, longer-lasting erections, increased staying power, and better than ever sexual pleasure (for you and your partner).

As seen of TV, ExtenZe is one of the more powerful male enlargement products available on the market today.  It has become a top seller because of the Guaranteed Success the pills offer.  These pills contain a powerful mix of natural ingredients to enlarge the penis.  Don’t be a part of another penis enlargement horror story or scam!  Buy top quality products such as ExtenZe, Vimax, or ProSolution to ensure authentic results and guaranteed gains.

It boasts a very high effectiveness rate of 95%.  This effectiveness rate was found in a testing of the product on 100 unique men and 95 out of 100 found that they had larger, harder, longer-lasting erections as well they noted in increase in their penis girth and width by 30% when taking these penis enlargement pills.  As well they reported longer staying power in the bedroom and more explosive orgasms from them and their partners.  Effectiveness varies on the individuals taking this product but overall it has a great satisfaction rate.

They offer 3 different options to purchase the product.  If you buy 1 month supply (1 bottle) it will cost $59.95.  For a 2 month supply (2 bottles) it is $109.95 which saves you $10, and for 3 month (3 bottles) they have it priced at $154.95.  For maximum effects they recommend that you use the product for at least a 3 to 4 month period.

This company guarantees that you will see results within the first month that you are taking the product.  If you take these pills for 60 days and it is not working for you then you can return the unused portion in the original container within 67 days of receiving your order (60 day trial one week return shipping), and they will refund you 100% of the product purchase price, excluding shipping & handling.

These pills contain all natural ingredients that are safe and very effective to use.  Because they are all an herbal remedy there have been no reported side effects.  But if you have experienced an allergic reaction with any of the ingredients listed below then please take caution as you may experience the allergic reaction when taking these pills.  Some of the ingredients include L-Arginine, Ginseng, Oat Straw, Saw Palmeto, Tribulus Terrestris, Sarsaparilla, Calcium, Yohimbe, Maca Extract, Catuaba, Muira Puama, Netter, Astragalus, Cayenne, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Boron, and Zinc.

This is a very popular male enhancement product that we highly recommend.  They are all natural, simple to take, affordable, effective, 100% guaranteed and has zero side effects.


Extenze for Women Risk Free Trial

Since the creator of women extenze is pretty much convinced that their product is highly effective, they have invited all women to try for themselves the wonders of women extenze through their 60 days risk free guarantee program.

In the event that you are not contented with the result despite the guidance of the customer satisfaction team in ensuring you have used the product properly in its full advantage, you can return the boxes as well as the unused products and your money will be given back to you minus the shipping as well as the handling fee.

Talking about shipping and handling, it is good to check the veracity of the statement as there are already several of shipping scams over the net today. Don’t be fooled by checking the following items:

  1. Terms should be clearly stated.
    2. Terms should be placed somewhere visible to everyone and should be specifically marked as important.
    3. Terms should be revealed before any charges are made.
    4. Consent should be given freely by the purchaser and not automatically checked.
    5. Cancellation processes should be available as stated.

Does Extenze for women work?

Many women have already tested and proven that extenze for women really works for their advantages. In fact there already several different women who have reported that they were able to see and feel significant effects even as early as seven days after they have taken their first pill.

The results are relatively remarkable which includes speedier full body arousal, faster and increased vaginal lubrication, strong sensations in genital areas, increased in sex anticipation and fantasies and evident increase in sexual appetite.

However, not all women will be able to see results in as early as seven days because each woman has different sexual and body conditions. Hence it is recommended to really take the ninety days plan to achieve optimum result.

The Ingredients of Women Extenze

With extenze for women, ladies who are suffering from vaginal dryness will be relived, sexual pleasure will be intensified, sexual desire will be heightened and finally, delightful and frequent orgasms will be back.

These significant changes are made possible because of the careful blending of high quality ingredients which includes Tribulus Extract, Shatavari Extract, Korean Gingseng Extract, Kudzu Extract, Shilajit, Wild Yam Extract, Muira Puama Extract, Licorice Extract, Boron, Black Cohosh, Chrysin, Maca Extract, GABA, Horny Goat Weed Extract, Damiana Leaf, Astragalus Extract and Ho-shou-wu Extract.

Moreover, women extenze has 1300% of women’s daily needed vitamin B6, 100% of women’s daily needed folate and 8% of their daily needed calcium.

Extenze for women – Are there any side effects?

Although women extenze was believed to be safe and has no known side, it is still wise to have precautions. It is good to note that, pills such as extenze for women may possibly carry some side effects such as acne, facial hair growth, vulvar and clitoral enlargement, intensified levels of womanly estrogen, hair loss, oily skin and excessively increased sex drive.

However, extenze women requires no prescription which basically indicates that it is truly safe to use. It is scientifically made to help women improve their sex lives in a faster and safer way. The ingredients used in women extenze are purely high quality aphrodisiacs, nutrients and herbals that are proven effective in keeping the sex hormones balance, intensify body with nutrients that are needed for optimum sexual function, decrease the effects of natural aging especially in sex drives, improve lubrication during bedtime encounter and intensifies women libido with aphrodisiacs.


Erectile Dysfunction

When most men become aroused, they get an erection. Looking at or hearing something sexy, a certain smell or a touch can instantly send blood into the penis making it hard and ready for sex. Some men do not have this reaction rather easily. Erectile dysfunction is the inability of a man to get or keep and an erection. Although undesirable, this is a fairly common problem among males and can be treated with a number of different options.

Signs and Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Every man at one time or another will have trouble either getting an erection or maintaining it and this is considered perfectly normal. Stress or a traumatic experience can cause temporary erectile dysfunction, as well as indulging in a little too much alcohol previous to sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is diagnosed when this problem happens regularly for an extended period of time.

What are the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

The most common cause of erectile dysfunction is extreme drug and nicotine use. Other causes can be cardiovascular issues, diabetes, severe obesity or psychological issues. Stress can also cause temporary erectile dysfunction, as well as, excessive alcohol consumption.

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Depending on the cause of erectile dysfunction, there are different types of treatment. Erectile dysfunction, due to psychological problems, is usually diagnosed when the man is still able to have erections while he sleeps, but not when in a sexual situation. Doctors may prescribe a combination of therapy, penis pump and medication to help overcome whatever is bothering him psychologically. In some cases, adding exercise into the daily routine can significantly help with erectile dysfunction.

Medication, either prescription or herbal are usually suggested and most times successful. Consulting a doctor is recommended before taking any medication because depending on the cause of erectile dysfunction, different medications may be used.

As a last resort, usually when erectile dysfunction is permanent and a result from illness or age, surgical implants may be inserted into the shaft of the penis. These implants are permanent and cannot be reversed after they are placed. They work by inserting either foldable rods or inflatable tubes into the corpora cavernosa to simulate an erection.

Bathmate Scam Does this Penis Pump Really Work

One of the biggest questions men ask about penis pumps is do they work?

There are several Youtube videos floating around the net with guys promoting the Bathmate like its going out of style, that’s perfectly all right by me but the bottom line is does this thing “REALLY” work.

When it comes to penis pumps and their effectiveness you will see all kinds of variable information on the effectiveness of a penis pump, if I told you that if you go to a gym and workout you will build big muscles would you believe me?  most likely not, the reason being is that most men will not put in the time or effort that is needed to build significant muscle mass. Building muscle requires effort and consistency; the same goes for penis enlargement.

Over the last few years penis pumps have sold more than ever because there has been proof of their effectiveness,  not only do they increase penis size but they also have other benefits. Originally dry vacuum pumps where sold to help treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction, the way they worked is by creating a seal and increasing blood flow in to the penis,  the old dry vacuum pumps where often painful and very uncomfortable to use.


Hydro-pumps use water to create pressure, no mechanical pump or attachments are needed and they can be used with ease in the shower or bath, the best thing of all is that you can perform simple exercises with a hydro pump in as little as 15 minutes. The other advantage of modern day penis pumps is that they do use water providing a natural cushion and making them comfortable and safe for everyday use.

Bathmate effectiveness

The Bathmate sells different models, each one offers different levels of pressure, the basic model is the Bathmate Hercules.The principle behind using any penis pump is that if you continuously increase blood flow to the penis it will grow both in length and size, one of the reasons men fail to see results is because they expect gains overnight which do not happen.

When you use the Bathmate for the very first time you will notice an immediate increase in length and thickness,  however after a few hours the penis shrinks back to its original size, if you continue to use the Bathmate everyday for a minimum of five days per week these results will and do become permanent.

One of the reasons some men don’t succeed with penis enlargement is because they give up to soon, those men are usually the ones spreading the negative comments about these products saying they are a scam and don’t work.

What is the Bathmate

At a glance the Bathmate is a simple non toxic cylindrical plastic tube with a pressure release valve on one end and a rubber pump on the other, the Bathmate is such a simple device you are probably wondering how something so simple can be so effective, once again I will refer to weight training, something as simple as a set of dumbbells if lifted repeatedly will cause the muscle to work to the point of fatigue,  this forces blood in to the muscle and stimulates new muscle tissue growth, over time the muscle will gradually get bigger and remain that way.

The Bathmate works in a similar way, you fill the cylinder with water,  insert the penis and pump the device, this creates a vacuum,  forcing more blood to flow in to the penile chambers,  constantly increasing blood flow to the penis will increase both length and  thickness, after about six weeks you will begin to see permanent results.

More than just penis enlargement

The Bathmate can offer men much more than a longer and thicker penis, constantly increasing blood flow in to the penile chambers improves erection quality making erections much stronger and firmer,  in fact men who suffer from symptoms of  of erectile dysfunction or prostate problems have benefited from using the Bathmate.

So is the Bathmate a scam?

Ultimately you will have to make that decision for yourself, I know before I bought mine I was really skeptical, I have always had the attitude of “nothing ventured nothing gained” in my case my results have been more than I ever expected, sure it takes some time to see the full effects, but in the long run it is worth it.

My gains using the Bathmate

The official Bathmate website claims an increase of up to 3 inches in length and 30% increase in thickness,  I have definitely seen a huge increase in thickness,  ask any woman and most will say they prefer thickness over length,  after using the Bathmate for over 4 months I have gained almost 2 inches in length, I keep on hovering just under the two inch mark so only time will tell if I make it to 3 but still,  2 inches in my opinion is still a considerable increase .

I do have some regrets about my first Bathmate purchase, my girlfriend has always accused me of being tight with my money , and I am,   that was my first mistake when purchasing the Bathmate.  I initially bought the Bathmate Hercules because if was the cheapest model available,  the unit is not bad but I did not seem to get a very good seal which resulted in not a lot of pressure,   after two weeks I ended up buying the Bathmate X30 which in all honesty I should have purchased in the first place considering there was only a $48.00 difference,  the Bathmate X30 offers more comfort and seals perfectly creating much more pressure.

The Bathmate offers a 60 day money back guarantee so you are probably asking why did I not return my first purchase, I did contact Bathmate customer support and they were very helpful and answered all of my questions, the reason I did not return it  is because the company does  require you to use the product for at least six weeks before requesting a refund,  besides I decided that if the X3o ever got damaged I always have a spare.

Where to buy the Bathmate

I have seen the Bathmate sold on many different websites such as,  but considering how nice their customer service was I would recommend purchasing it directly from the official website this will ensure you are entitled to their warranty and toll free customer support if you should ever need it.


One of the biggest concerns about ordering the Bathmate is shipping,  if your like me you don’t want the neighbors knowing the contents of the package, no worries,  the Bathmate ships in plain brown packaging so know one will have a clue what you ordered.